Natasha's Donation

"I have experienced what it feels like to have loved ones suffer from cancer. The pain and emotions involved seeing your loved ones going through this makes one appreciate the life we have... :-) 

Since my girls were young, I would always remind them how lucky they are to be blessed with good health and that there are lots of unfortunate kids (and adults) who fall really sick because of cancer. Natasha has always loved her hair (cos she gets praised about it all the time), and I wanted her to appreciate what she was blessed with instead of just being caught up in the beauty of it, so asked her if she would like to share this special thing that she was blessed with with a child who lost her hair due to cancer. 

It wasn't an overnight thing... In the past, I would often see pics of kids donating their hair to Locks of Love (in the US) and I would often share those pics with my girls.. and just suddenly one day about a few months back, I asked her if she would like to donate and she said Yes! LOL!! I was stunned, we didn't do it immediately cos her teachers wanted her to keep her hair until her graduation concert which was 2 weeks ago! :-) Then immediately after that, I did some online research and found your site!!! I was SOOOOOOO Happy!!!! 

I went straight to the salon the next day!!! LOL!!! It was a very emotional experience for me and I was the one tearing at the salon (I did see her wipe a drop of tear when they really cut her hair :')) I never really asked her why she agreed to cut her hair so just last night, before she went to bed, I asked her why she changed her mind and she just simply said: 'Because the child is more important.' I couldn't help but tear.. :')"
~Lisa (Natasha's mum)

Photos: Lisa

Name: Natasha (6yo)
Length: 13 inches
Date donated: 03/11/2014