Liana's Donation

"A benefactor of mine passed away in 2012. The cancer was discovered too late and even though an operation was done; the cancer cells were too aggressive and she passed away within half a year.

My sister and I were devastated as we did not know the severity of her condition (she did not want us to worry about her). Prior to her passing, we could not do much to help her, so after she passed on, I decided to grow my hair out so it could be made into a wig for cancer patients. I guess I am a pretty good candidate to donate as my hair is not coloured and previous hair stylists have commented that my hair is thick and healthy.

I did not know the minimum length needed for donation till I chanced upon this blog about a year ago. So, to ensure that my donated hair could be fully utilised, I just kept growing them out these couple of years. Hope my ponytail will be able to help someone in need."

Name: Liana
Length: 18 inches
Date donated: 06/03/2015