Samyukta's Donation

Eight years ago, in 2007, when I was eleven years old, I was amazed when I heard that Sunita Williams, an American astronaut, ran the Boston marathon on a treadmill in space. I followed her story and was even more inspired when I learnt that she had cut and donated her hair from space to help make a wig for cancer patients who lost hair during the chemotherapy.

My hair is very important to me. In some ways it projects my personality. When I feel happy, I do my hair up in a way that makes me feel even happier. If I am down, I put it up anyway because my hair and my face is what people see. Sometimes I think that when I do my hair up well, I appear stronger than I might feel. These thoughts and Sunita Williams’ story drove me to grow my hair. I wanted to contribute to making people feel better and more confident during their illnesses. I felt that positive thoughts attract positive results and if these people were able to feel confident through their difficult times, they would be more determined to fight to get better.

This is my story. I have been growing my hair for the past 8 years, and have cut it three times to date. I have managed to collect 7 ponies of hair since my first cut.

After looking around and researching for organisations that collected hair to make and donate wigs in Singapore, I came across Recycle Your Hair. I am very happy that they are able to use all the hair I have collected so far to make a whole wig. I really hope that my donation helps the recipient feel stronger and confident to fight through their difficulties.

Lots of love,

Name: Samyukta
Length: 15, 11, 18, 18 inches
Date donated: 14/08/2015