Shiao Ling's Donation

"Donated my loyal companion for 4 years in the year of SG50, I feel so proud. I didn't know it'll be 20" until after I cut & measure it.

Early this year, out of sudden just came across my mind, why not I have a hair cut & donate my hair to somewhere. Then started to search from online. Did found an organization, but it was too far away, in US. Printed the hair donation form, prepare for my hair donation if I had it cut. Meanwhile kept searching for somewhere nearer. Found an organization in Malaysia, contacted & mailed out.

Unfortunately, it have been returned due to unclaimed stuff. Later, found you & decided to contact you & finally successfully donated my hair. With this, proven that this is for those in Singapore.☺️ God wanted me to bless friends in Singapore."
~ Shiao Ling

Name: Shiao Ling
Length: 20 inches
Date donated: 14/10/2015