Veron's Donation

"In 2015 after we had completed 2016 P1 registration for Veron, my hubby and I was discussing whether we should cut her hair short to get her prepared for P1. But both of us feel it is a wasted to cut her long hair. Then my hubby suddenly said why not donate her hair. Why we have this thought is because we have a few friends who have cancer and it is so sad to see them losing their hair due to chemo treatment they are receiving.

So I decided to search online to find whether do anyone or any organisation accepting hair donations. To my surprise I manage to find "Recycle Your Hair" Blog. So our next challenge is to convince Veron to donate her hair.

As 2015 is coming to the end, we pop out the question to Veron on donating her hair. Initially she is very hesitate to cut her hair short as she cherished her hair alot. She always imagine herself as a Princess as she had a long and soft hair. Taking her friend's mum as an example (her good friend's mum is also once a cancer patient) we finally convinced her to donate her hair. We told her she is doing a good deed. Her hair will be make into a wig for cancer patient so that they can gain back their confidence.

After Veron cut her hair, I passed her a ziplock bag with her cut hair, she looked at it and smile. She said to me that she is happy with her nice hair style and she hope her hair can help those cancer patients to gain back their confidence."
~ Sheryann (Veron's mum)

Name: Veron
Length: 13 inches
Date donated: 21/01/2016