Isabel's Donation

"Donating hair--what a simple yet amazing way to help someone.

I had previously donated to Locks of Love 3 times before in the US. While visiting my family in Singapore, I did some research and discovered the Recycle Your Hair project.

I originally planned to donate 12” (so I could keep my hair long still), but I was encouraged to donate more and learned that an entire wig could possibly be made out of my hair. Plus my friend also encouraged me to go big and donate it all!

Unlike many hair donation charities, it’s awesome that RYH allows donors to see the completed wigs. My hair will grow back quickly again, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to donate to someone else in need.

My long hair always gave me confidence, so I hope that I can pass that confidence on to another female! :)"
~ Isabel

Photos & video: Isabel

Name: Isabel
Length: 27 inches
Date donated: 08/03/2016