Janelle's Donation

"As 23th June marks the 6th month post-donation of my hair, I've decided to share my story.

Throughout my childhood, my hair has been either short or shoulder length. There was once when I randomly clicked on "Locks of Love" online, I found out that they actually makes wigs for patients in need. Having seen that, I am determined to grow my hair just in case that there is such a organisation in Singapore.

During Mid 2015, 2 of my friends were being diagnosed with Cancer. I have seen them undergoing Chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss. Hence, I searched for Hair donation and I found "Recycle Your Hair".

Having seen how much "Recycle Your Hair" as a non-profit organisation has helped so many recipients, I've decided to chop my hair off. 6 months post-donation, I am still the same. But with my little contribution, I hope it made someone's day."
~ Janelle

Name: Janelle
Length: 13 inches
Date donated: 20/01/2016