Si Xuan's Donation

"I've had long hair most of my life (ever since I made my own decisions), and I have always been very proud of it. I have also always wanted to do something with my hair, like selling or donating.

I thought that girls who shave their heads are so brave, I would never dare to do that, but I know that with such long hair, it can be very useful even if I just cut it short. However, at that time, I never knew where in Singapore I am able to donate my hair like that. Until one day, I found out about RYH from someone who shared it on Facebook and I was so excited! Finally my long and beautiful hair can be of use. :')

As soon as I knew about RYH, I started planning, when I should cut my hair and how long I should donate. I anxiously measure my hair every now and then, hoping that it could grow faster because I am a bit afraid to cut it too short, yet I wish to donate as much as I can.

When I read the stories of other donors on the website, some people could easily donate 20 over inches worth of hair and for the first time I wish I was taller so I can grow a longer length without looking like rapunzel or something.

Anyway, it was quite a big decision for me but I'm glad it turned out good, everyone said I look good with short hair, and it feels good that I could help someone so easily too. I have decided that I will keep growing my hair to donate it from now on! Thank you RYH!"
~ Si Xuan

Name: Si Xuan
Length: 13 inches
Date donated: 12/05/2016