One step closer

Nervously, I left my house for the factory this morning. Excitedly, I arrived at the door pressing the door bell once and unintentionally, I pressed for the second time.
As the door opened, we greeted each other with a smile and she lead me inside. The first piece of wig I saw was nothing but a hair pan-cake to me. I couldn’t wait to see how it would be like to be fitted on the mannequin head.
I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the wig nicely fitted to the mannequin head. I was lost for words for a moment. I couldn’t believed what I saw, it is simply beautiful.
I snapped a few shots with both my phone and camera before the second piece was fitted on the mannequin head. As lovely as the first.
The first thing I did after I collected the wigs was to send the photos taken with my phone to the donors. They should be the first to see before I post it to the public. So here are two photos I took using my phone.

Wig 1
Wig 2
I will be posting photos I took using my camera in a couple of days time after I emailed to the donors. So keep a look out.
Oh, one more thing. The lady kept telling me that the hair I provided are beautiful. =)