We made history

Today marks a new milestone in our hair recycling project. We have donated our first wig(s). I believed we are the first in Singapore to have people donate their hair for making wig for our local cancer patients.

But being the pioneer wasn’t my intention when I started this project, it was just a thought of doing something to give back to the community.

Not all of my friends believed or supported me, some even laughed at my idea. For those who did, thanks! For those who didn’t, thank you too.

Hair donors Ween Sze (left) and Fiona (right) holding the wig

I couldn’t have done it without the hair donors. Thank you all for believing and trusting me with your hair.

Thanks Ween Sze, Fiona and Sean for going down with me today. Thank you for your time and sorry to keep you guys waiting. Thanks Josephine and Grace for your support too.