This is what happened when...

This is not a photo of the salon's floor. This pile of hair was what we combed out from a ponytail that was not properly secured or should I say not correctly gathered and secured.

This was the ponytail where the above pile of hair came from. It was, at first, rejected... but since it came all the way from Malaysia (mass donations), we decided to give it a try to save it.
There was a rubber band, but it was too far from the end where the hair was cut. Though some hair was secured, but there was some being placed in the opposite direction, causing the hair to entangle.
Just below the red line, you will see the cutting edge (where the hair was cut - evenly cut hair). Rubber band should be tied about an inch below and nothing more.
This protruding lock of hair was not secured by the rubber band. It was entangled. This lock was removed to prevent more hair to entangle
No one knew what happened, but I believed that the ponytail was not secured for some reasons. Some hair must have dropped and was then picked and placed back into the ponytail and then tied.

This is the final product after 5 nights of hard work. We only managed to salvage about 60% of the hair.