Twin's donation

We are a pair of twins who have had long hair for the past 10 years. We were never allowed to have long hair when we were younger because our mum feels that it is too troublesome to maintain it given she will have to tie/braid our hair for us when we go to school and also it will take too long to dry (indeed).

As little girls, we very much longed to have long hair but it never happened till when we were 10 years old. Although reluctant, we had to go for a hair cut every two months before that.

When we decided to keep our hair long, we were so sure we were not going to cut our hair short anymore. I guess we were just too deprived of having long hair when we were younger. We could manage our hair ourselves so our mum didn't really object, although she nags a bit sometimes when our hair gets too long and asks us to go for haircut.

For the past 10 years we had long hair we never really cut our hair but just minor trims. We loved our long hair and in fact got lots of praises for it. It wasn't until last year when my friends (Si En and Elaine) got their long hair cut short (and donated them as well) that I started thinking of cutting my hair too. If I can get a new look and do something good at the same time, why not!

So one day we were talking to each other and realised that both of us have been thinking of cutting our hair, just never really said to each other. I guess one of the reasons is because it is really difficult to maintain the long hair, given how it takes five hours to dry without using the hair dryer and how the ponytail is soooo heavy when we tie our hair (which was really troublesome and annoying given how we do lots of sports)!

So we looked at lots of look books, asked friends and family for their opinions (we were really afraid given how traumatic the experience we had when we were younger to have to cut our hair so frequently!) and finally decided to cut our hair!

We're really very glad that it turned our great and even got the support from our family and many of our friends! In fact, we were so surprised how awesome it turned out and we're considering just keeping it short already! But of course we're quite inspired to grow it long again just to cut and donate again!


Just want to tell those with long hair who perhaps cannot bear to cut them short: Give yourself a chance to see different sides of yourself. You may be surprised at how you turn out to look! And why not, since you can do a good deed at the same time! The patients need our hair more than we do! ^^
~ Adebelle & Arebelle

All photos courtesy of Adebelle and Arebelle

Adebelle's 22 inches ponytail

Arebelle's 17 inches ponytail

Twin's ponytails

Date donate: 6th December 2013