A special wig

Clarissa and her sister wanted a wig; a special wig as a gift for their mother currently battling cancer.

They both snipped off their long hair and contacted us for help in the making of the wig. Since we don’t make wig, we referred them to our vendor. But knowing that making a wig requires more hair than what they have, we offered our donors’ hair to help them fulfill their wish.

Together, we went to the wig manufacturer on Friday's morning and handed them the ponytails for the wig. They have promised to try to complete the wig in three weeks' time.

Seriously, we don’t think anyone would resist to such request. Furthermore, this is what this cause is all about.

The following donors’ hair has been selected for this project; Meifeng, Carine, Geetha, Jackie and Yuemin. Donors had been notified.