From my husband and myself

"I first thought of donating my hair when an ex-colleague, shared a photo of her short hair.  If my memory served me right, she was donating it to an overseas organisation who were also collecting hairs to make free wigs.  

That immediately struck me, as I had always felt it was such a waste of hair each time I cut my long hair (about every 4 - 5 years) into a short bob.  After all, much money has been spent to care for it during the growing process.

Growing it to the minimum length of 10 inches was quite a test of patience.  My hair kept dropping, our floors were constantly peppered with strands of hair even though I sweep our house frequently.  

My hair gets quite frizzy and unkempt once it passes shoulder length and there were many times when I was tempted to just chop it off in irritation.  But I kept reminding myself that I should be grateful for the privilege of having such a hassle when many others out there do not. ..."

"Though the hair was mine, the donation is from both my husband and me, as my husband was quite supportive of my intention to donate when I told him about it."

All photos courtesy of Michelle

Length: 11 inches

Date donated: 10/01/2014