I can help in my own little way

"I kept my hair long ever since I was little and I never cut this short. Last year, I permed my hair for a new look coz my hair looks the same -long and boring..it's been like forever that I have that kind of hairstyle.

When December came, I decided to cut it short..for a change. At first, I was having second thought. What if it doesn't suits me? what if I look terrible? -those were some of the questions I have not answered until I came across a site named-(Children's Cancer Foundation, where people shaved their hair). Literally to be bald. Well, for my work, I cannot be bald. So I look for another site and I found you! Thank God!

Something inside me was telling me that this is the best reason why I should cut my hair. I convinced myself that this is for me. And that my hair can still grow longer if I want to. I am doing this for someone else. I am just happy that after posting my new look in Fb, my friends really liked it!

People who have cancer didn't choose their fate. But we have a choice to help them..I am actually encouraging everyone who wants to help to act now..

I am planning if I will go back to Philippines, I want to have this kind of organization as well. Thank you Recycle Your Hair for showing me that I can help even in my own little way. This experience will be forever cherished in my heart.
"..Try a fashion trend you never thought you could pull off. And, do it with confidence.." --> I saw this online and I found this really true. After all, this is not only about a new look or fashion. It is for a more meaningful fashion sense.."
~ Louvie

Photos courtesy of Louvie

Length: 14 inches

Date donated: 09/01/2014