Special wig update

It's been more than a month since we posted about this specially requested wig, so here's the update.

This is the wig that was requested by 2 sisters, Melissa and Clarissa, as a gift for their mother who is currently battling cancer. It was made out of 7 people's hair including the 2 sisters.

The wig was collected on 3rd January together with Clarissa, and has been presented to their mother.

"My mum was elated and moved when she received it. She was also surprised that it would take so much hair and so many donors. She was also surprised that there were so many kind souls who would sacrifice and donate their hair and was really grateful towards them. Much thanks for all your help and well wishes."

"May the sisters press on to stand-by their mum. Keep encouraging!! May Auntie fight it through & win this battle. Jia you!!!"
~Carine (hair donor)

From all of us at RYH, we wish madam a speedy recovery! And hope the 2 sisters could take care of themselves as well.

Here are the photos taken at the wig manufacturer on the collection day (03/01/2014).

Wig Y13-07

Wig was made from Melissa's and Clarissa's hair, as well as hair donated by:
Meifeng, Carine, Geetha,
Jackie, Yuemin

This wig was fully paid for by Melissa and Clarissa.

We want to thank the wig maker as well for rushing the wig for us!