Lili's Donation

"I remember my last time having a short haircut was in primary 4 (14-15 years ago), and I have been keeping it long since then.

Up until early 2014, I decided to go on a walking pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain in September 2014. And my thought of having an extreme haircut came along with this decision.

Initially, I was planning to cut only 5-6 inches of my hair. Just few days before my appointment with my hairdresser back in early September 2014, the thought of donating my hair came to my mind. And so, I went to research about it online and voila! Thankfully I found Recycle Your Hair website! After reading stories and requirement for donation, I decided to chop off my hair more to donate.

To me, my hair have been giving me so much confidence still young, remembering how many compliments I received about my hair. But as much as I love keeping my hair long, I realised that others need it more and I wish to pass the confidence to others. Plus, my elder brother passed away due to cancer and through him, I saw what chemotherapy does to human hair.

I wish this small action could bring a smile, a little confidence, and a courage for someone else :) and finally thanks a lot to Recycle Your Hair!"

Name: Lili
Length: 18 inches
Date donated: 08/10/2014