Mary's birthday's wish

Mary's having a haircut
"Mary participated in a program visiting a cancer ward with children suffering from leukemia. She spent some time there and remembered the story of a pre-school student at her school who was diagnosed with leukemia too. 

Teachers did a fundraise to contribute to a cancer foundation here in KL. Mary was inspired by all those actions around her to do something for others. Just  a month before her 11th birthday, Mary thought of donating her hair. It was her birthday wish to shave her hair to donate it to your organization. 

She became the spokesperson to encourage others to celebrate their birthdays in an unique way rather than throwing a big party. She loves her new look!"
~Gina (Mary's mum)

Mary's ponytails

Mary with her new look

All photos courtesy of Gina and Mary

Name: Mary (Malaysia)
Length: 15 inches
Usable length: 10 inches
Date donated: 26/05/2014