Charlene's Donation

"It has been 7 years since my hair is this short after cutting it.

I never had the courage to cut my hair in such a length as previously (7 years ago), there were lots of people who told me that I look better with long hair and should not ever cut them away.

However, what inspired me was actually having two loved ones being told that they were down with cancer and witnessing the process there after which made me realise that it is a blessing to be able to have hair, what more, long hair.

Just the thought of them being able to have beautiful hair would bring a smile on their faces hence I've decided to cut and donate my pony tails hoping to ignite a smile on someone else's face. Also, the fact that there were people and figures before me who did the same added on to the courage of cutting my hair short seven years later. :)"


Photos & Video: Charlene

Name: Charlene
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 19/01/2015