Anonymous Donation

"I was thinking to get myself a birthday present for my 22th birthday, be it having a new image or doing something meaningful instead of buying luxury goods or throwing myself a grand party. I was having waist length hair and I decided to cut it.

The first time I heard hair donation was around 10 years ago. I tried my luck to find out more about hair donation and I am so glad I found Recycle Your Hair in Singapore. I was so excited and could not wait to cut and donate immediately. I told my mum about my decision and she said yes. More surprisingly, she sent me a photo of her ponytail and asked about the donation requirements.

When I calmed down, I hesitated. I told everyone around me so that I could not back off. Nobody else has ever heard hair donation so they did not take my words seriously. I considered for one month and finally cut my hair to shoulder length. It is the most meaningful thing in my 21st.

However, I did a wrong decision when I went for hair cut. I wanted to save money and went to an inexperienced barber. He did not measure my ponytail before cutting. Anyway, I am happy that my ponytail still can be used or my effort goes to waste. I decided to keep my hair for donation every two years until my hair turns gray. My hair grows and this time I will not risk my hair."
~ Anon 15-01

Name: Anon 15-01
Length: 11 inches
Date donated: 18/06/2015