Maria's Donation

"When I was in grade 3, which was 5 years ago, a girl in grade 5 cut her hair off in order to donate it. However, her hair was too short and it went all to waste. Ever since then I felt like I had to fulfill it and make a donation which wouldn't go to waste.

My motivation got also a push when I got in grade 5, where one of my friends had cancer and struggled a lot. She had to get injections every month and she was away most of the time from school since she was at the hospital or did not feel well.

I felt really bad for her and wanted to help, and I figured that to donate my hair would be one of the best way which I could help.

In these past 5 years I have saved my hair to grow longer and I have done a lot of research of how to donate it properly, where to go, how to cut it and etc. Now that I've finally done it I feel really happy that I've achieved my goal and I will continue growing my hair and donate it."
~ Maria

Name: Maria
Length: 18 inches
Date donated: 25/06/2015