Dr. Xenia's Donation

Dr Xenia with short hair
"When I saw an article about a young girl in USA (Izabel Laxamana). She committed suicide soon after a video circulated of her being shamed in public by having her hair cut by her father as punishment. She had to go to school with an embarrassing, jagged hair cut. Maybe she had other issues that caused her to commit suicide, but it shows people can be sensitive about hair.

When I was a kid my father also cut my hair, not as shame or punishment. He just preferred my sisters and I to have short hair. When I was ten, I wanted to have a ponytail, so I asked him not to cut my hair so short. He said he would keep it long. But then he kept trimming and it was not enough for a ponytail! The next morning I did not want to go to school! He said "All right, I will not cut your hair anymore."

After that he let me grow my hair as long as I wished. When he died I really missed him and his haircuts. I did not go often to the hair salon. I would let my hair grow very long, then have it cut short as a tribute to my dad.

Dr. Xenia with long hair

The last time I had my hair cut before my hair donation was in 2012. I cut it myself, then asked a colleague (I was then working in a mission hospital in Pakistan, with Doctors without Borders) to complete the rest of the trim. It grew down to my lower back. Everyone says my hair is nice. It is a bit time-consuming though... all that conditioning, combing and styling.

At the salon before the haircut
This year I wanted to have short hair again, especially when I saw people shaving their heads for cancer patients. I really hope it is accepted as a donation. And even if not, I hope that RYH can send a positive message to all young ladies that having short hair is not the end of the world... It can still grow and become longer and shinier than before."
~ Dr. Xenia

Name: Dr. Xenia
Length: 26 inches
Date donated: 11/06/2015