Samantha's Donation

Samantha on the left with her new style
"I decided to donate my hair one year ago after a friend of mine (Meryl) posted on her instagram of donating her long hair away.

Many people kept asking me to style and cut my hair which was getting very long, but I refused to even trim it for about a year in order to reach the length of 12 inches. I was determined to do something meaningful on my 21st birthday. I believed that the simple act of donating my long hair would be loving to my neighbour.

Truth to be told I have never cut my hair short ever since I was able to choose how my hair should be cut. It took me three whole days to get used to my new short hair! I am thankful for this opportunity to donate my hair for a worthy cause. I look forward to my future donation, as well as the donations of others who got to know this program after asking me why I chose to cut my hair so short!"
~ Samantha

Name: Samantha
Length: 12 inches
Date donated: 10/06/2015