Special Discount

The wig maker had given us a special discount for the 4 wigs we made earlier this year, from $200 to $180. This is to match the price they quoted Tan Tock Seng Hospital for the wigs they made from their hair donation drive. However, we are not sure how long this offer will last.

Total refunded amount is $80 from the 4 wigs. Respective sponsors have been informed. However, they are more willing to use the refund to sponsor more wigs.

Therefore, with approval from our sponsors, we have used the money to subsidise the making of wig Y15-04, instead of holding on to the money.

Adjustment has been made accordingly.

Wig Y15-01
Adeline - $200 - $180

Wig Y15-02
Letitia - $200 - $180

Wig Y15-03
Meryl  - $200 - $180

Wig Y15-04
Adeline - $20 ($20 from Y15-01)
Letitia - $20 ($20 from Y15-02)
Meryl - $75 - $95 ($20 from Y15-03)
Myself - $125 - $45

Wig Y15-05
Our Better World - $180

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Thank you all once again for supporting our cause!