Wigs Update 01/09/2015

Apologies for the delay on the update of the wigs.

Earlier, we made 4 wigs, including a specially requested wig. We have recently made an additional wig (Y15-05), making the total number of wigs we made this year to 5.

On the 28th July 2015, we donated 4 wigs (see photos below) to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you Hui Shan (our hair donor) for taking your time to come down with us.





Once again, we would like to thank the following people for making all these possible

Hair donors
Anon13-03, Grace, Geena, Hui Shan, Ivy, Karan, Lynn, Ling Lee, Mary, Mei Na, Michelle, Ruixin, Sharon, Yashodra, Rachel, Lisa and ISKL donors, Salon in Ipoh and Singapore

Adeline, Letitia, Meryl

Corrine, Sann, Yan Ling