Once upon a time

Once upon a time, In a little red dot on a map, there is a volunteer group, collecting donated hair and recycle them into wigs for cancer patients free of charge.

Then came a fairy godmother group of good people and said to these volunteers; 'Hey! We could help you.'

And soon, the story of these volunteers were made known to many.

However, these volunteers are still struggling to keep up with the demand of wigs due to the lack of fund.

Then, the group of good people appeared again from nowhere and said to these volunteers; 'We may be able to help, but you will need to gather as many people as possible to vote.'

'Vote?' asked a volunteer.

'Yes',  said the group of good people, 'to vote for your story. The story with the most votes get the S$5,000 prize to jump-start your work in 2017. Just direct your voters to this link (www.ourbetterworld.org/en/good-story-of-the-year/2016).'

Feeling excited, the volunteers are now working hard to garner as many votes as possible between 14 Dec - 27 Dec.

... to be continued