Day 3

Day 3 of the voting period and it seems like the story of these volunteers are lagging behind. The volunteers are still working hard to get more people to vote for their story.

Did you know?

The project that these volunteers are running is self-funded. They do not have any big organisations or companies to support them. The only support from the government, indirectly, is maybe the GST voucher given to the volunteers and it’s not a big sum.

See these ponytails?

They are waiting to be recycled into wigs for our cancer patients, and they do not need pay a single dollar (not even a cent), it’s all fully sponsored for by these volunteers, their friends and colleagues… and volunteers and their friends again… and their friends again … until may they are broke?

So, vote for them before it’s too late. Voting ends 27 Dec 2017 (10 am)